Our Method

Beyond Solar's approach to community development is a hybrid sytem that blends traditional donation models with basic microfinance concepts. We provide capital to finance the purchase of solar powered lighting products and villagers make weekly payments for the products they receive.

We create a sense of ownership and allow the villagers to be the recipients of charity in a dignified manner. At the same time, Beyond Solar doesn't impose the burdensome interest rates or penalties for missed payments that are requirements of profit-based organizations. Once the balance has been collected the money is then placed into a community development fund and made available for future loans.

How It Works

1. Beyond Solar purchases solar powered lighting products

2. Selected villages learn about the value of solar lighting and individual households then agree to purchase the products for the same price paid by Beyond Solar

3. Purchasing households use the avoided costs of kerosene and additional income available from added working hours to make weekly payments.

4. Beyond Solar's non-governmental organization (NGO) partners collect the payments

5. Once 100% of the products have been paid for, the NGO, in conjunction with village leaders, can lend the funds for future community intiatives

As a result, the families not only receive the benefits of solar powered lighting but also have continued access to capital for further development projects.

To see our how are model worked, click here.

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